David Bohm, an eminent physicist, developed a process in which a group sits in a circle (so that everyone can see each other) and create a sense of group mindfulness. The following are the principles which inform how to approach creating a ‘shared field’ together. Read these principles before starting the dialogue. It can be nice to have them on a piece of paper or on your phone which can be passed around so each person reads one of the principles. Learn more about what Bohmian Dialogue is here.

Principles of Bohmian Dialogue

  1. Shared field: work in the mindfulness of…

What is Bohmian Dialogue?

Bohmian Dialogue is an experiment in shared mindfulness, an exploration of what’s going on inside each other when we sit in a group together — a social psychology experiment in which each person is both subject and researcher.

It was created by David Bohm, a physicist, but others have written about David and it’s history so I won’t delve into that in this article. You can find more info on the Bohm Dialogue website. I would like to delve into the ideological lineage of Bohmian Dialogue and explore what inspired it and what it has inspired…

This guide was written for Extinction Rebellion UK but please adapt as you see fit for any protest, action or rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion at Trafalgar Square October 2020

About this Guide

This guide outlines different types of decision making processes that may be helpful when making decisions during actions and rebellions. It draws on learnings from previous rebellions in the UK and aims to provide guidelines that you can apply creatively as a facilitator — whether it be meetings, People’s Assemblies or any other gathering.

It’s the role of the facilitator to make it easy for the group to work together and get stuff done; to help the group reach…

If you’re like me, you want to both have an easy to use banking Fapp and a bank that is good for the planet. Is that so much to ask?

Although I’ve been with Monzo for two years now and have often wondered about how ethical they are, I haven’t done anything more than a preliminary search before taking part in The Tools for Regenerative Renaissance course.

Included in this week’s reading was How to stop funding fossil fuels by moving to an ethical bank (Extinction Rebellion, 14m read — especially the 5 Steps to Positive Action).

So I thought…

Advances in technology have led to great leaps in our understanding of life sciences, such as biology. However, with the increasing power of technology comes increasing amounts of data. Scientists now have microscopes that can create images at nanometre scale, creating a terabyte a day (10¹² bytes = 1000 gigabytes). of data every day. This poses challenges in terms of data processing, analysing and storage. But how are these data processed? This challenge led Martin Jones, a physicist at the Francis Crick Institute, to decide to harness the power of the public and create Etch a Cell.

Etch a Cell…

Last weekend, innovators, marketers, programmers, strategists, and creatives gathered in Dublin for a Sustainability Startup Weekend. From Friday to Sunday, 40 innovators formed teams, generated ideas, researched the market and created business models for their sustainable start-ups.

“I wanted to get involved because it’s an opportunity to reframe environmental challenges as an opportunity, rather than a burden or a cost.” explained Emer Cooney, Enterprise & Innovation Community Manager for Bank of Ireland, who acted as a mentor over the weekend.

Powered by Aviva, Dublin City Council and Huckletree and guided by TechStars and Startup Weekend, Dublin’s Sustainability Startup Weekend produced…

We are surrounded by complex systems, and in order to understand, manage and predict them, we must embrace complexity and make more accurate decisions. Many use artificial intelligence and big data to deal with complexity by simplifying it. However, Michel Morvan argued, in his keynote speech on the Hello Tomorrow main stage in Paris, why we need to embrace complexity, and how we can do it.

I caught up with Michel Morvan, the co-Founder and executive chairman of Cosmo Tech, a software vendor that models complex systems in order to run simulations for forecasting. He explained how using augmented intelligence…

Linda Doyle

Social psychologist focused on political decision-making, self-organising systems and democracy. Advocating for a citizens’ assembly with Extinction Rebellion.

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